Nuno Trocado


Corrosion is the second album by the trio of free improvisors Tom Ward (flute, sax, clarinet), Nuno Trocado (guitar, real-time electronic processing), and Sérgio Tavares (bass). The ephemeral nature of sound is on display, as layers of sound deteriorate, break apart, and blend into one another, testing the frontiers of the organic, eroding physical and metaphorical structures, moving along the points of contact of improvised music, human or inhuman dispositions, and societal decay.



What if one of us could open the wings and fly, like migratory birds do, coming closer and closer at their speed, what sounds and syllables would he recognize along the way, while approaching people, creatures, plants, things?


Three Pieces for Coreto

A group of three pieces comissioned and recorded by the jazz ensemble Coreto, put out as a video documentary.



Music by Sérgio Tavares and Nuno Trocado, expanding the interdisciplinary project Expurgar, a collaboration led by artist Dária Salgado.



A contribution to De Porta Aberta, a collection of 39 solos put together by the label Carimbo Porta-Jazz in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown.

Tavares/Trocado/Ward - Vestiges

A collaboration between Tom Ward (flute, alto sax, bass clarinet), Sérgio Tavares (bass) and Nuno Trocado (guitar and electronics), documented on an album released in 2019.



A cross-disciplinary jazz/theatre/monologue work.


2458208, for ensemble and electronics (2018)

for ensemble and electronics (2018)



An absurdist, over-the-top, easy-listening, experimental, pyrotechnical, melodic-noise-jazz-metal fusion band.


Borboletas e Canhões

A jazz / chamber music sextet.


Projects as a sideman

João Martins Quarteto

Liévin Lefebvre Organ Trio

Other works / Experiments