Nuno Trocado

Tavares / Trocado / Ward - "Vestiges"

"a disc worth listening and listening again, many times", Rui Eduardo Paes in

"a record rich in events, full of twists and turns, full of surprises", Andrzej Nowak in Trybuna Muzyki Spontanicznej

"A new trio is born and its inaugural document, Vestiges, is a smorgasbord of free improvisation from noisy shred to minimal electronics. [...] With this trio, the possibilities are endless.", Mark Corroto in All About Jazz

"The medication Vestiges most closely resembles is analeptic. That’s because the nine improvisations propelled by bassist Sergio Tavares, guitarist Nuno Trocado and woodwind player Tom Ward are often as pointed as the jab of a hypodermic needle and filled with as much adrenaline.", Ken Waxman in Jazz Word